The day we found land

“What do you actually need to live here?” Patricia asked us in a meeting. One of her more simple questions. I answered a bit of food, good friends and a piece of land to work on. Just by speaking it I realised; shit if I want to stay here we need land.

I remember Jana, at many random moments, mentioning that we were searching for land. Also I was trying to just flap it out every time I saw Yves (the maior of the village). And then one evening, I see a flicker in Yves’ eyes. I imagine in that moment he changed from hearing to listening. He tells us about a farmer that abandoned his land, a land that is growing wild. He tells us that it needs a lot of cleaning, as it is overgrown by brambels. No problem, we love cleaning. The day after he shows us around and I can almost not believe it, things can be really simple. Yves contacts the owner, we can meet him on the night market.

So while the others are preparing the night market, I spent my day making a first drawing of the land. Baking crêpes all evening because they are such a hit, I have the small drawing in my pocket. Prepared to show him a plan for the land when I would finally find the courage to speak to him. I always think there will be a natural moment when you feel it is time to go, and then your leggs are just going there without your brain opposing. Was not happening, was getting darker, talking to another farmer, not the right one. Patricia, sitting in front of me, is kindly proposing me to just go. And then I just go, and he answers: “Sure, go ahead…”. He is remarkably indifferent about our plans and the drawing.

The day we found land, the day we found Lierlou, not knowing we would become lovers of this land.


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