Living Design

An experiment between Bahrain, Australia and France.

I am curious how to work with land as a form of dialogue, beginning from listening. In the village of Balaguier, I live with friends and neighbors who work with land in different manners: as farmers, gardeners and tenders of the wild.

Next to this local crew, I am currently in touch with Ahmed Buassalay from Bahrain and Dan Palmer from Australia who are both working with land and living design. Ahmed and I know each other from our time at Schumacher College and began to reflect in dialogue as we both studied and worked there. Now that we are apart, we continue our conversations and through that recently met another practitioner: Dan is working with a beautiful approach that he calls Living Design Process and convenes a rich podcast series called Making Permaculture Stronger. 

After a conversation in which we found lush shared ground and curiosities we decided to begin an experiment: Each week we will share our practical experiences with Living Design Process and Dialogue with Place – rooted in our local entanglements, spread into the wider world. We share each for about 10 minutes ‚what is going on‘ and how our inquiry of working with place moves further. 

Let me know how this format lands with you and what you are curious about!

Dan published part of the recording as a video here!

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