Plant Gatherings & Wild Kitchen 17.-21.08.

We invite you to join us for a week long exploration in gathering wild plants and cooking with them:

17.-21. August 2020 in Balaguier d’Olt

Participation fee 200€

room & food 200€, camping & food 150€

In August the valley, also known as the sorcerers valley, is covered in aromatic herbs and delicious sweet fruits. We will walk in forests and the fields together, learn how to develop an eye for wild delicacies and how do transform them in the kitchen for both pleasure and health. Titiane and I work together for more than a year, Titiane with a background in wild plants and me in cooking. Our approach is one of experience and discovery and we are ready to embark together with you on a one week long learning journey.

We don’t work with fixed recipes but aspire to attune to the qualities of plants and people.

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Anna Lena


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